Honey Stick Phantom - 2 in 1 Honey Stick Phantom - 2 in 1

Honey Stick Phantom - 2 in 1



PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Honey Stick Phantom - 2 in 1 Squeeze Box Vaporizer

The best discrete luxury vaporizer in the game. This unit is the first 2 in 1 unit that performs both functions perfectly. For concentrates it has a dual quartz rod heater with a ceramic bowl and upper mesh guard...... what does this amount to??? silky smoothness and big rig power. For Oils, it has a premium glass tank that is fillable with stainless mouthpiece and large inlet holes for maximum absorption and big rips.

This is a magnet kit that comes with 2 adapters so you can drop in your short or long tanks and adapter units and still get the perfect fit. A typical problem with conceal units is they won't fit the wider glass tanks or the ones that do jiggle around in the chamber. Our Squeeze Box Phantom solves that problem an makes sure the fit and finish are perfect with whatever tank you drop in. So once you have your tank in and you want to dial in the perfect temperature setting to drill down on the intensity you want or flavor you are chasing, no problem we have 4 temperatures to chose from and a preheat setting. if your on the Go 1000 mAh capacity battery will keep you running without being attached to a charger....our unit has 3 times the capacity as most concealers. This unit is squeeze activated, so no little dinky buttons to find and push, just give it a good grip.



  • 1 X Squeeze Box - Phantom Power Plant
  • 2 X Magnetic Tank Adapters ( for long and short tanks)
  • 1 X Premium Glass Vape Tank for Essential Oils 0.5 Ml
  • 1 X Stainless Steel Tank for Concentrates
  • 1 X Ultra premium Dual Quartz / Ceramic WAX Atomizer
  • 1 X Charger Cable
  • 1 X User Manual